All animals have needs and desires, people as well as dogs. When needs are not satisfied, and fulfillment of desires is frustrated, behavior issues can result. Problem behaviors, in many cases, are attempts to get needs met.


Mindful Pup fosters fulfilling relationships between people and their dogs.  You will understand your dog’s needs and direct their world to eliminate problem behaviors.  You will see the results and reap the rewards of a loving and cooperative canine companionship.


Direction not correction


To teach good behavior or change a problem behavior, we begin with what we most easily control: the dog’s environment.  We will engineer the dog’s environment to reduce or prevent unwanted behavior.  This maximizes the dog’s opportunity for success.

Then we teach the dog a new behavior that you would like instead. We direct the dog towards the new behavior while ensuring that they find it the same (or more) rewarding as the original.

This methodology will efficiently promote the behaviors you want, and replace the behaviors you don't want.  The natural strength of positive reinforcement--getting rewards and experiencing success--affects lasting change, enjoyable both for you and your dog.


Getting to the why


Some behaviors are emotionally driven: dogs feeling scared or anxious.  In response, love and care are important, but they will not be enough to change the behavior of a dog that has lived with, and practiced, fearful behavior over months or years.


We will build trust and provide clear direction, to reassure the dog and to effect a positive emotional change.  We will use desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques to address the underlying emotions that are driving the behavior in the first place.


Engagement and relationships take time. It can also be frustrating along the way, learning why a dog behaves the way it does.  But the time and effort will result in a happy, well behaved companion.


No pain, no force, no fear


Mindful Pup methods are science based and force-free.  Force-free means: no shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force or compulsion.  Research has demonstrated that force-free techniques are effective, and that using coercion, fear and pain can be detrimental or even dangerous.


Force-free teaching works, and it is also constantly improving.  It follows the latest and most reliable scientific findings, and it promotes a harmonious relationship between humans and their companion animals. Whether you want your dog to sit before attaching their leash, or desire complex tricks and obedience, there is nothing that can’t be taught.